Using iPad as a secondary screen for your Mac will only work with some models.


macOS Catalina officially arrived yesterday for Mac users and brought a lot of news. One of the new features of this operating system is Sidecar and lets you use iPad as a secondary Mac screen.

However, this great feature will be limited by hardware. As Apple goes on, it will require a relatively new iPad and a Skylake 6th generation or higher computer or laptop.

Sidecar-compatible equipment

  • MacBook) or higher
  • MacBook Air) or higher
  • MacBook Pro) or higher
  • iMac from 2015 or higher
  • Mac Mini 2018
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Pro


On the iPad side, a relatively new model means being compatible with Apple Pencil and running iPadOS 13. If you have a tablet that meets these requirements, just have one of the Mac models above to enjoy this new feature.

Hardware limitations will be related to codecs

Although nothing is concrete, it is speculated that these limitations are due to the HEVC codec. This is a high-efficiency video codec that will have been implemented by default only on Skylake 6th generation processors and above.

Sidecar is still limited to two devices on the same Apple ID

Use of this feature is still limited by the number of devices associated with an Apple ID. In fact, you will only be able to use Sidecar on two devices within your account.

This means that you cannot, for example, borrow a family member’s iPad to use in conjunction with your own. Mac. This will be impossible because the two are associated with different Apple ID’s.


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