United States bans Adobe programs in Venezuela


Following an executive order from the United States, Adobe will no longer make its programs available to users in Venezuela. This order prohibits the country from dealing with US companies, similar to the situation with Huawei. Users in Venezuela have until 28 in October to transfer their files before access is completely blocked.

Therefore, using Adobe in Venezuela will become illegal. Adobe has not had ‘popes in the tongue’ to warn its customers and has to make it clear. “The Executive Order 13884 prohibits transactions between US companies, entities and individuals and Venezuela.”

Most unfortunate is that Adobe will also close all after-sales service in the country. This means that new subscribers will not be refunded and outstanding situations such as customer support and complaints will be completely ignored.

Lack of access to Adobe’s Creative Cloud has consequences

Imagine a country without access to Adobe programs. Designers can no longer use Photoshop, Illustrator, or other imaging tools. Video publishers can’t use Premiere Pro or After Effects, putting freelance work at great risk.

Behance, a platform where designers and artists can put their work, will also disappear. Many users put their portfolio on Behance so that they could easily show their work to potential clients.

Adobe Reader will also disappear, making it difficult to read and edit PDF files. It is important to note that all these tools have substitutes (sometimes free) but this does not invalidate the situation. Adobe programs are used by thousands around the world, and denying these tools to an entire country is cruel.


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