This realistic concept of iPhone 12 Pro is the wish of Apple lovers!


We have to start by saying that the smartphone concepts shown by graphic designers do not always come close to reality. However, this concept of the Apple iPhone 12 as well as realistic is likely to happen.

This is because it does not take extreme measures or make the smartphone take coffees. Designer “ConceptsiPhone” was inspired by the small changes of the American company to show us his vision of the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 may say goodbye to notch

This is one of the biggest wishes of Apple lovers. IPhone notch has a valid purpose, face recognition, also known as FaceID is safe and fast. Still, the designer believes Apple will be able to considerably reduce the iPhone notch 12 to fit the small upper margin.

Biometric on-screen sensor is a wish

I’m one of those users who still thinks FaceID is good but not perfect. When I have my smartphone in the car, unlocking the terminal to access Maps is impossible without the code. Whenever I am waking up and lying in bed is also another problem.

With a biometric sensor on the screen all this would be solved. With an ultrasonic biometric sensor, identical to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, it would also be as safe as FaceID. That is, I see no reason for Apple not to implement it. Even if you leave FaceID and the sensor on the screen.

A design without big news


One of the reasons why I believe this can really be a strong inspiration to the iPhone 12 is for the lack of design innovation. We have no folding or curved screens. Yes, we have a design that is “very Apple”. Little line innovation and continuation of a design identical to its predecessors.

Only the future will tell you, though, if the iPhone 12 really, it’s guaranteed to be in my pocket. If there’s one thing I don’t like about iPhones is the notch giant.


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