Tesla sues for update that can hide defect in your cars


The US National Road Safety Administration has received a complaint regarding a software update released by Tesla in May. This update was created and distributed after reports of batteries that burned down.

The main concern among those subscribing to this complaint relates to Tesla’s real intentions with this update. They ask the US agency to investigate whether the update is intended to hide any defects in Tesla car batteries.

When this update was made available, Tesla noted that it would modify some of the definitions in the battery of Tesla cars. targeted cars. Thermal issues and cell loading would be tweaked with this update.


Tesla users have begun to notice a reduction in autonomy

The reason for driver discontent has to do with the real autonomy of their vehicles. Prosecutors claim that after this update they had less autonomy in their Tesla.

At the time of this update, Tesla never mentioned impacts on the range of its batteries. This scenario has caused some confusion and uncertainty among the complainants.

Final decision may lead to recall of affected cars

Since this is a defect finding petition, its findings will have more serious results than a simple fine for Tesla. The final decision on the case may result in the collection of all affected cars.

In the event that the US National Road Safety Administration decides not to order a collection of the vehicles, it must give reasons why. this is not necessary. In short, it is not a decision that can be taken lightly.


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