Tesla: AutoPilot price to rise $ 1,000 as early as November, reveals Elon Musk


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been very busy on his Twitter account, where he has been discussing the manufacturer’s plans to develop autonomous driving functionality. However, it turned out that the price of AutoPilot will increase substantially in a few weeks.

In one of his tweets, Musk revealed that from 1 November the price of AutoPilot will increase by 1, 000 dollars, which will probably represent about a thousand euros in Europe. This price increase comes shortly after the brand releases the new Tesla V update 10.

Now that Tesla V 10 0 with Smart Summon is out, Full Self- Driving price will increase by $ 1000 on Nov 1

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 12 October 2019

Autonomous driving features will continue to drive up the price of AutoPilot

With the introduction of the already popular / controversial Smart Summon feature, Tesla cars have become considerably more autonomous. Most likely, it was the breakthrough in this technology that ultimately resulted in a price increase for this “smart package.”

Although Tesla cars do not yet have the ability to present themselves as true autonomous cars Elon Musk remains confident that this will happen over the next few years.

So it is almost certain that the price of this add-on will continue to rise as more innovations are implemented. We can only wait to see if Elon Musk will decide a limit on the price of the “Full Self Driving” package.

When the car is FSD without supervision, ie robotaxi, you’ll be able to earn far more than monthly lease / loan cost by allowing others to use it. Managing a small fleet of robotaxis will be a career for many & much better than driving a single car.

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 12 October 2019

Elon Musk continues to dream of creating a Tesla autonomous taxi network

We have heard about the development of Tesla Network, a fully autonomous robotaxis network. This is the big goal of the Tesla CEO, who has already revealed that they will eventually stop focusing on selling cars to the private consumer.

Instead, he wants to focus on his network. Autonomous taxis so that branded customers can be an integral part and take full advantage of them.

The next step in enabling autonomous driving in cities will be the recognition of traffic lights and traffic lights. Tesla’s system can now distinguish traffic signals, but reading them is not efficient enough to guarantee autonomous driving. In addition, the functionality that allows interpreting traffic lights has not yet been implemented.

However, a group of hackers has already managed to implement some changes in Tesla software, so that the car could interpret and react to traffic lights. Therefore, it should not be long before Tesla can implement this kind of functionality.


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