Samsung Galaxy S11 may have in-camera features never seen before! Do you know which


Measure alcohol in a glass of wine, know the nutritional information of a fruit just by pointing the camera or until you have a clear idea of ​​your skin condition. All through the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S 11.

The Galaxy S 11 must be an unprecedented smartphone. With the popularity of the new iPhones 11, Samsung needs to consolidate first place on the podium. Especially after all the problems with Huawei and the US government.

According to the latest information from the Asian website “MyDrivers”, which has proved correct in the past, the Samsung Galaxy S 11 prepares to have 4 totally different rear chambers from competitors.

Samsung Galaxy S 11 will be able to analyze the alcohol in a wine or the composition of your skin

Rumors indicate that Samsung will use infrared light to analyze object compositions. How will it work? No one has a real idea.


It has just been pointed out that pointing the camera at a glass of wine, for example, may indicate how many degrees of alcohol the wine has. Or point to a fruit and tell you the nutritional information.

For those who want more than that, the camera pointed at your face, for example, will be able to determine its state. If your skin is oily or dry. This way the user will be able to start treatment according to the information.

All thanks to the spectrometer camera

This Samsung Galaxy S camera 11 may revolutionize and if true, it is a sign that west will be the first smartphone to have a spectrometer sensor. That is, you will be able to read the composition of objects simply by pointing at it.

I don’t know how far this type of technology is already at a stage when it can be cheap enough to introduce into a smartphone. Still, I have to admit I would be fascinated with Samsung if they did. And truth be told, if there is a brand that I believe can implement such technology, it is Samsung.


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