Samsung Galaxy Fold is taken apart again and improvements are visible


Samsung Galaxy Fold saw its launch to the market postponed due to structural problems. After an improvement in its build quality, the smartphone has finally hit the market and again in the hands of iFixit.

The enhanced version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold has already been taken apart by the iFixit team. This process shows that South Korea has improved some aspects of the smartphone construction that had been criticized in the first disassembly.


Samsung reinforced Galaxy Fold screen and hinges

In this process of disassembling the Samsung Galaxy Fold, iFixit has proven that the screen of the device is better protected. An additional layer of metal was added between the plates and the screen.


This new layer of protection will have been enough to make the Galaxy Fold screen more rigid. On the outside, the extra layer of protection that many have mistakenly removed is bigger so you don’t fall back into the temptation to remove it.

Another highlight of this improved version of Samsung Galaxy Fold is to its hinges. These are now protected with tape to prevent debris from entering.


However, iFixit points out that this tape does not completely prevent debris from entering. However, it makes this more difficult in an attempt to extend the integrity of the Galaxy Fold.

iFixit says Samsung corrected what she had criticized

In conclusion, iFixit claims that this Samsung Galaxy Fold is actually tougher than the first version. The entity says that everything it had criticized in the first version of this folding device has been fixed.

Still, this is not the perfect durability equipment for iFixit. She continues to regard Galaxy Fold as a “frighteningly fragile” device.

In its repairability note, the Samsung Galaxy Fold received a score of 2 in 10. This means that this smartphone is far from the easiest to repair.


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