Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 can support an S Pen


Samsung has patented USPTO with a flexible display device that supports the S-Pen. This patent quickly brings us to a possible solution for the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2.

Rumors claim that Samsung can merge the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines, with the Galaxy Fold line being the second top of the line. range of the year. With the replacement of the Note mid-year, it would make sense that support for the S Pen would be added.

Samsung would improve the recognition of touches on the screen fold line

One of the focuses of this patent is the ability to recognize ringtones where the smartphone screen folds. Technology wants this capability to be at the same level as the portion of the screen that is not doubled.

This way, the user could move content between the two parts of the screen with the proper smoothness. The S-Pen would play a big role in such a scenario, giving the user greater movement accuracy on that part of the screen.

Galaxy Fold 2 can fold to both sides

Samsung’s patent also refers us to a device that can bend both outwards and inwards. Note that the Samsung Galaxy Fold only folds inwards, so it would be a major engineering challenge for South Korea to design such a device.

One of the problems that haunted the release of the original model was precisely the point at which its screen doubles. This point had to be reinforced to prevent dirt that was compromising component integrity.

Galaxy Fold 2 will be revealed at MWC 2020?

This is one of the hypotheses raised by the publication LetsGoDigital, which conveys all the data presented here. As it progresses, the Galaxy Fold 2 could be revealed in the Barcelona feat.

However, this scenario seems unlikely. This calendar places the announcement of this folding smartphone very close to the Galaxy S presentation 11

Rumor has it that the next member of the Galaxy S line could be revealed to 18 February 2020. If Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold 2 a week later it would be overshadowing the Galaxy S 11 something that certainly won’t be in your plans.


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