PlayStation 5 has officially revealed date, name and controller details


Sony confirmed today on its official blog the release date of the PlayStation 5. The ninth generation console will be released during the festive season of 2020 in November or December. As for the name, as might be expected, it will even be PlayStation 5, or PS5.

Sony CEO and President Jim Ryan has added some statements regarding the console’s command. Ryan says one of the goals with the new console is to work on the sensation of immersion in games and the controller will reflect that goal.

PlayStation 5 controls will be different from current ones

PlayStation 5 controls will implement this in two ways: first, the controls will no longer have the traditional vibration but so-called tactile feedback, similar to mobile phones. This is so that there may be a difference between the way the controller reacts to different games like hitting a car or kicking a ball.

The second way is by changing the sensitivity of the triggers. The L2 and R2 buttons will have triggers whose resistance can be changed by programmers to reflect different functions in games. For example, using an archery or accelerating on rocky terrain in a car game will have different sensitivities.

PlayStation 5 will be at the forefront of gaming technology

It is more than confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will have an AMD Ryzen 8-color processor, allowing the use of Zen 2 chip and Navi graphics. Ray-tracing technology will also be featured on the console, which improves the relationship between light and objects in the visual aspect of games.

The only details not yet confirmed are their appearance and price. The price should start at 499 dollars although the value of 599 dollars are also possible.


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