OnePlus 8: All 2020 Models Will Support 5G, Brand CEO Reveals


Last Wednesday (10 in October), OnePlus held a global event in London where it presented the new OnePlus 7T Pro as well as a special edition developed in partnership with McLaren. However, despite the high-end specifications, none of these smartphones support the new 5G mobile networks.

So far, the manufacturer has only one model with 5G support, the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, but this may change in 2020 with the arrival of the new OnePlus 8.


OnePlus CEO revealed that all models of 2020 will be able to support 5G

During a press conference after the event, Pete Lau confirmed that the big trend of high end smartphones for 2020 is the implementation of support for 5G. Considering the great advances in the implementation of 5G networks in various markets, it is a possibility that branded smartphones in 2020 come with support for

However, the brand CEO stressed that this reality may not apply to all markets. Lau pointed out that they will hardly see 5G networks deployed in India at 2020. Therefore, it is possible that depending on the market, OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro may come with 5G support.

Most likely, the same will happen with OnePlus 8T, which should be released during the second half of 2020.

This might be a strategy that doesn’t will appeal to millions of OnePlus fans

While 5G networks are gradually being deployed in various markets, their availability is still very limited. We are still far from securing a stable global experience and are still limited to major cities. Even in large cities, experience is often limited to restricted areas.

So even in 2020, having a smartphone with support for 5G networks will not be as relevant as many manufacturers want to imply. Unless you spend most of your day in an area where the availability of the 5G network is already at an optimal level.

There is a simple reason that might make users unhappy with this possible strategy of Oneplus. Most likely, processors with 5G support will continue to be considerably more expensive than 4G only. Therefore, if all OnePlus 8 models support 5G, the choice may eventually be reflected in a new price increase.


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