New study predicts a bleak future for tablet sales


Digitimes Research has recently conducted a study that focuses on the future of tablets worldwide. Not surprisingly, it has concluded that the coming years will be “black” for these devices.

No 2024, Digitimes Research predicts that tablet sales will fall to 120 million units. Until then, the person responsible for this study believes that the numbers fall between 2% and 3% per year.

Unfortunately, the company does not disclose its forecast for 2019. It simply states that sales will fall sharply compared to what was recorded in 2018, and it should be noted that last year no longer was very exciting for this market.


The tablet market has been falling for several months

We are already in the last quarter of 2019 and the numbers so far have not been positive. Although data for the period July-September are not yet known, the previous two quarters have been red.

Between January and March this year, the world tablet market fell by 9% over the period. counterpart of 2018. Over the next three months, it fell by 5% compared to the same period last year.

Despite these negative numbers, Apple, Samsung and Huawei have secured the top-3 in tablet sales worldwide. Apple stands out from the competition with its iPads, while the other two offers less impact on the market.

Looking specifically at Apple, Digitimes Research predicts that North more cautious in introducing new models in the near future.

Microsoft will challenge the market trend

Despite all the negative signs, Digitimes positively highlights Microsoft. The Redmond company is expected to increase its sales exponentially in this and the coming years. Scenario that will help Microsoft challenge Lenovo’s fifth position.


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