New Motorola One (or Moto G8) with a pop-up camera and a notification LED you’ll love!


The Motorola One or Motorola Moto G8 should be one of the next smartphones to be launched by the brand. Although in Portugal Motorola no longer has the same emphasis of the past, it remains a very important company for Brazil and for markets where equipment prices are too expensive.

In fact, with everything what’s happening with Huawei and the impossibility of installing Google Apps, this is a good time for Motorola to strike back and show why it’s still standing.

Motorola One will have a pop-up camera and no notches

The Motorola One screen will be without notches. Even if you have a slightly larger margin than usual, you will abdicate the front camera on the smartphone screen.

Instead, we will have a pop-up camera that will go up every time you invoke. This type of solution is no longer unique in the market, but not yet many brands are selling their smartphones with this technology.

An impressive notification LED


Unfortunately the Motorola One will not have the biometric sensor on the screen. This also tells us that the device should not have an AMOLED screen. That is, it will be a terminal looking at the mid-range or entry market.

However, we have a notification LED located on the ring that also serves as a biometric sensor. Want a better effect than this? Whenever you receive a notification that ring will show a light that looks more like a science fiction movie.

This should not be the Motorola Moto G8

Rumors also indicate that this will not be the Motorola Moto G8. Instead, the company will look at its new One range. However, there are rumors that tell us otherwise.

These models, like most other smartphones in the brand will bring Android One source. That is, the purest Android system of the moment for non-Google smartphones.


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