Man claims iPhone made him gay, sues Apple


One Russian citizen sued Apple. According to D. Razumilov, the iPhone was responsible for his becoming homosexual, which he considers to be negative for his life.

The man claims compensation of 1 million rubles – the equivalent of 14 thousand euros. According to France Presse, the complaint was filed in court on 20 in September, and then the man says that it all started with the installation. of a cryptocurrency app.

Bought Bitcoins but received GayCoins

The big problem was that instead of receiving bitcoins, it claims to have received the amount purchased in another digital currency: the GayCoins. This batch of GayCoins was also accompanied by the message “Do not judge without experimenting.”

The Russian’s thought was “actually, how can I judge anything without experimenting?”. After experimenting with relationships with men, she now claims to have a boyfriend, but doesn’t know how to explain it to her parents. pushed “towards homosexuality. According to him, through the “manipulation” he was subjected to during the process.

Homosexuality is a taboo subject in Russia

homosexuality is no longer a crime in Russia in 1993 but in legislation has been passed prohibiting the spread of “gay propaganda.” The case will be evaluated in court at 17 October.


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