iPhone 11 Pro Max is considered the best smartphone in the market by Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports already had the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max and his verdict could not be better for Apple. For CR, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best smartphone in the

Obtaining an overall score of 95 points, the model larger than Apple presented this year outweighs any competitor. Next in second place is the iPhone 11 Pro, with 92 points, whereas iPhone

    • is ranked eighth.

The best smartphones, according to Consumer Reports

      1. iPhone 11 Pro Max
      2. iPhone 11 Pro
      3. Samsung Galaxy S 10
      4. iPhone XS Max
      5. Samsung Galaxy S 10
      6. Samsung Galaxy Note 10
      7. iPhone XS
      8. iPhone 11
      9. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G
      10. Samsung Galaxy Note 10

iPhone 11 Pro Max shines in autonomy and camera

In tests conducted by Consumer Reports, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has recorded an autonomy of 40 .5 hours. This figure represents a significant leap from the iPhone XS Max, which had lasted only 29 .5 hours.

Looking at the other models in the family, the iPhone 11 had an autonomy of 34 hours while iPhone 11 lasted 27.5 hours. It seems that Apple’s claims to improve the autonomy of its smartphones are being fulfilled.

To reach these results, Consumer Reports has set in motion a robot that simulates the daily use of the smartphone by a human. Among the tasks performed we have internet browsing, photography, GPS and calls.


Already in the photographic department, the new iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max earned one of the best quotes ever given by Consumer Reports. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 managed to collect the title of “Very good “in the scale of this entity.

Resistance is also one of the strengths of the iPhone 11 Pro

Durability testing was also part of the Consumer Reports verdict verification process. Apple’s major new models were able to withstand a total of 100 falls from an approximate height of 72 inches.

Although they have withstood a hundred drops, the screen’s integrity iPhone Pro stopped checking in at 50 falls. By that time your dashboard was no longer fully operational.

Who is Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is a US entity, nonprofit, which is dedicated, among other things, to evaluating products. We can compare it to DECO in Portugal.

One of the tasks performed by Consumer Reports is the evaluation of smartphones across their spectrum. Her rating is often widely accepted among US consumers and brands.

A recent example of this was the negative rating that Consumer Reports attributed to the MacBook Pro. As a result, Apple did not rest until that all questions raised by this entity should be resolved so that it could be given a favorable opinion.


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