HTC will again launch premium smartphones. Will they still go on time?


HTC has recently changed its CEO, and the new executive looks optimistic about the company’s future in the smartphone market. In an interview with TechCrunch , Yves Maitres states that the Asian company will again launch premium smartphones.

The last mobile device presented by the brand was HTC U 19 and this being a mid range. Unsurprisingly, this equipment was not a big hit on the market.

Meanwhile, the Asian company sold its mobile department to Google , which has channeled its assets into the development of its Pixel. When many thought this might be the end of HTC, the company plans to fight.

HTC admits it has stopped innovating

In an interview with TechCrunch, HTC CEO Yves Maitres admits that the company he now runs has stopped innovating. And that turned out to be fatal when brands like Apple, Samsung or Huawei began to hit the market hard.

What made HTC stop innovating on smartphones was your strongest bet on Virtual Reality. Funds have been channeled into this niche and mobile devices have moved to second place.

It’s still not certain when HTC will return to charge

Despite Yves Maitres’s promise to return to the development of premium smartphones, he doesn’t commit to a date. When this happens, this equipment will be directed to “countries with a high GDP (gross domestic product).”

This statement also does not favor the Asian company. Countries with a high GDP usually associate countries with higher purchasing power. These consumers will certainly be more likely to buy products from more established brands, such as Apple or Samsung.

That is, if this is HTC’s bet, the company will have to offer something truly differentiating so that consumers choose your products over Apple or Samsung. And it should be said that this will not be an easy task.

HTC was once one of the largest mobile technology companies in the world

If you’ve been following the tech market for a few years, it’s only natural that the name HTC won’t tell you much. However, not even a decade ago HTC was one of the most important companies in the industry.

It was the year of 2011 and HTC was the top-selling smartphone brand in the US and number five worldwide. If this is not a sign of its importance in the market, I don’t know what it will be.

However, it only took a year for the scenario to change completely. In 2012 HTC was already in a very delicate position because of the rise of brands like Huawei or ZTE.


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