Google Photos: The long awaited feature is coming! Color old photographs


Google fascinated us at its Google I / O conference last year with a Google Photos feature that many eagerly await.

Google promised that users would come in the near future. You can color your photos black and white only with your smartphone. This kind of functionality is perfect for those who have old photographs and would like to have a clearer idea of ​​what they would look like today. Unfortunately the task seems more complex than expected.

This is because more than a year has passed and only now do we begin to see results. The 9to5Google website brought us some examples of the feature working in one of its beta versions of the app and I have to admit I’m fascinated.

Examples of the new feature from Google Photos

In the examples below you will see the photo on the left actually. In the center the same black and white photograph and the most important one on the right. The photo on the right is made entirely with the new functionality. The feature can perceive the shades of gray and the surroundings to give us more color to the photo.


In this first image we see that the shades are not perfect but they are close by. Google Photos gave a little more yellowish hues to the photo. Still, it’s very close by.


In the second picture we have the opposite. The photo has less yellow tones but can bring the essence of sunrise through the gray mountains.


This third photo is even better than the original. By giving us a tighter HDR tone in the blue sky. It’s not the closest to reality but, like the other examples, it’s very close by.

When will the new feature be available

There are no dates yet for the new feature to reach all smartphones, however, the Google Pixel 4 event is already in the day 15 October and something tells me that we can perfectly hear more about the new feature.


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