Google Lens hits 50 million Play Store downloads after 16 months


This is a big week for Google. After Android Auto and Google Fit, now is the time for Google Lens to reach 50 million downloads on the Play Store.

The feat becomes even more relevant when Google Lens took less than half of Fit’s time to reach this mark. In just 16 This must-have app arrives at 50 millions.


Google Lens was unveiled during the Google I / O conference in May 2017. At the time it was announced as an exclusive Pixel app, but 5 months later it would eventually be available for all Androids in the Play Store.

Lens features are integrated into apps like Assistant, Photos or to Gcam. However, users have not waived the download of the app, as evidenced by the numbers reached.


Google Translation Lens is a must for travel

The best known feature of Google Lens may be the direct translation of any text. Going to a country with which we have no contact with the language has never been simpler than with Google Lens.

If you often see yourself in situations of direct translation of something, this is an app. essential in your smartphone. In addition, you can also use it to identify objects you don’t know, even out of curiosity.

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