Google establishes gaming smartphone requirements program


Gaming smartphones are increasingly popular. Examples are many, ranging from the ROG Phone, the Xiaomi Black Shark, or one of the latest, the Redmi Note 8 Pro broker.

Google’s goal is that these devices can match the programmer needs. That’s why the company is working on a gaming device certification program.

The discovery was made by the XDA-Developers forum, which had access to a copy of Google Mobile Services documents where In one of the points the requirements for certification of a gaming device are listed.

The main requirements:

  • Predictable Performance : Devices that are certified need to behave in such a way that developers will not encounter problems with throttling (overheating), loss of CPU cores, and other unusual behaviors;
  • Correct, high-performance GPU behavior : Certified devices must have a modern, up-to-date GPU (graphics), Application Programming Interface as well as how to get a good introspect of frames;
  • Memory Behavior and Requirements : Certified devices must provide memory access in a predictable manner. Games should not have their processes unexpectedly killed. Certified devices must ensure a minimum of 2300 MB of memory to be allocated before the lowmemortykiller kills the process.
  • Devices must support Vulkan 1.1 and pass the latest version of dEQP.

According to the same source, Google already has a team working on this type of certifications. When the program is officially launched, Google is expected to announce a list of already certified devices. This is a good thing of all devices that claim gaming are finally well scrutinized.


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