Google Duo will help you understand who is most likely to answer your call!


Google Duo remains the 4gnews team’s favorite video calling application, continuing to make impressive progress. Over the course of this year, we have seen a low light mode implemented that allows calls to be made in terrible light conditions, new filters and also the desired Dark Mode.

However, Google knows who can’t let themselves “sleep in the shade of the banana tree” if they want to remain one of the best apps for video calling. Therefore, they are constantly working on new features. The new update (v 64 has revealed the arrival of three new minor additions to the application.

You will be able to know which contacts are most active on Google Duo

One of the new additions will help you understand which contacts you are will most likely answer your call. Basically, you’ll get a short notification to identify the people who are most often active on Google Duo.

As you browse your contact list, you’ll see a new message – “on Duo often” – when all contacts who use the app frequently. This will make it easier for you to know which contacts know at least that Google Duo exists.


Application will remind you that your phone number is revealed during calls

Although this app is mostly used for video calling with friends and family, it’s important to remember that your phone number is not private.

When you make calls with Google Duo, The other person can easily access your phone number, which can often be forgotten by users. Therefore, one of the new additions is to display a reminder on the screen before making a call. This message will remind you that you are making the call using your telephone number.


Highlight privacy during calls

The latest news won’t properly improve the experience of using the application. Instead, it serves as a memo to give users more confidence by remembering how calls are protected.

In the Google Duo menu you will now see the “Privacy for calls” tab (call privacy), which will take you to a support page. This page explains how end-to-end encryption in Google Duo works. Encryption ensures that video and audio produced during the call is kept private and accessible only to the parties.


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