Google Docs comes to life in Android version


The look of Google productivity apps is about to change. According to the company, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides have a new look and feel on Android devices.

Google itself warns that there are no changes in functionality. The changes are visual, and include a “redesigned document list, more readable fonts, consistent controls, and updated iconography.”

This new design makes itself felt in the latest versions of Google Docs and Slides for Android. The update comes these days also to the Sheets app for this operating system.

Update comes first to those who have G Suite

The main purpose of this small change is to give the user a simpler usability of their applications. As usual, this update always comes first for G Suite users.

If you don’t know, G Suite is Google’s paid enterprise platform. It encompasses these versions of Google Docs, and platform enhancements always come first to these users.

Google’s idea is to present users with a unified design across the platform. So you can switch from a document to a table, keeping a very similar design.


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