Goodbye stalkers! Instagram will delete ‘Next’ tab


Instagram will remove the ‘Next’ tab today, October 7th. The company claims that this feature will disappear as it is no longer relevant or useful for the user community. Its relevance is subjective, however.

If you use Instagram and touch the heart symbol, open the activity page where you can see who liked or commented on your posts. However you have a tab on the same page on the left hand side called ‘Next’. On this tab you can see the activity of people you follow from likes to comments or replies.

So very soon you will only have the ‘You’ tab where you see the likes, comments and answers in your posts only. Basically you only have access to interactions other users have with you and not with the rest of the community. Removing this feature adds another layer of privacy, a concern these days about social networking.

On the other hand, only those who follow you have access to this activity log. Getting around is easy: Don’t accept requests to follow from people you don’t know or trust. However, given the content of social networks where it’s important to have followers, it makes more sense for Instagram to remove the function.

For those who want to discover content new, there is the ‘Explore’ tab

Some might argue that the ‘Next’ tab is useful for discovering common interests or likes between people that already follow. With this removal, there’s the ‘Explore’ tab, which lets you search for people directly or swipe through various suggestions given by Instagram, mostly showing business and celebrity.


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