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Download My Paparotti Movie

By Lee Jae Hoon

Based on True Story

Name: My Paparoti

the product: Korea

Genre: Drama | Criminal School | Musical

Release Date: March 1391 – 14 Mar 2013

8.5 score on IMDB

period of time: 123 minutes


Lee Je Hoon – Han Suk Kyu

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Summary: This movie is based on the real story of Kim Ho Jong who is the first The show appeared on Korean TV STARKING on July 7, during the program, Kim Ho Jong surprised people with his singing abilities.
Sang Jin Music Teacher High school in a small town. Formerly an opera singer, but due to a throat tumor that ends her professional life as a singer, Lee Jang Ho is a transitional student who has been moved four times due to the hassle of being a gang member and this time He is transferred to a school where Sang Jin is his music teacher. Jang Ho in the opera has a godly talent but is involved in a gangster group. He prefers reading and strives for everything, but the group’s problems do not allow him to improve. How does Jang Ho overcome his problems and try to become a singer?
  • Lee Je-hoon in the role of Jang-ho
  • Han Suk-kyu in the role of Sang- female
  • Kang So-ra In the role of Sook-hee
  • Oh Dal-su in the role of Principal Deok-saeng
  • Cho Jin-woong In the role of Chang-soo 
  • Lee Sang-hoon as Dean of Students
  • Lee Do-yeon as English Teacher
  • Lee Jae-yong In the role of gang boss
  • Jin Kyung In the role of Mi-sun, Sang-jin’s wife
  • Yang Han-yeol plays Sang-jin’s son
  • Bae Sung-woo as Sang-jin’s alumnus
  • Kim Yong-hoon as Jang-ho’s Subordinate
  • Kim Ji-seok in the role of drunken man


Yoo Young-a


Yoon Jong-chan

Other titles:

나의 파파로티

Naui Paparoti

I Am Paparoti


My Pavarotti



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Download My Paparotti Movie



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