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Download Death Note: L Change the World


Download Death Note: L Change the Movie World

Name: The Office of Death: Change the World

the product: 2008 Japan Genre: Fantasy |.

Riddles Exciting

Release Date: 20 Avalanche 1386 – 09 Feb 2008

Score 6.2 in IMDB

Duration: ************************************************** Minutes


Kenichi Matsuyama – Megumi Sato

Added with 3 quality.
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Summary: This episode of The Deathly Hallows focuses more on El’s character It’s ten; when a young girl and boy come to El’s and ask her for help, she is faced with her own most difficult case, stopping a group of corrupt scientists spreading a deadly virus on the ground …


Kenichi Matsuyama in the role of L
Narushi Fukuda in the role of Near
Mayuko Fukuda in the role of Maki Nikaido Shingo Tsurumi as Kimihiko Nikaido
Youki Kudoh as Kimiko Kujo
Sei Hiraizumi in the role of Koichi Matsudo
Bokuzō Masana starring Asao Konishi
Yuta Kanai starring Tamotsu Yoshizawa
Megumi Sato as Hotsune Misawa
Renji Ishibashi in the role of Shin Kagami
Kiyotaka Nanbara in the role of Hideaki Suruga
Masanobu Takashima in the role of Daisuke Matoba
Shunji Fujimura in the role of Watari
Kazuki Namioka in the role of F
Hao Ganhane in the role of Azetsu Mokotu
Erika Toda In the role of Misa Amane
Asaka Seto in the role of Naomi Misora ​​
Yōji Tanaka in the role of Sasaki
Tatsuya Fujiwara in the role of Light Yagami
Ayui Naisora ​​in the role of Yagure Mokotu



the writer:

Tsugumi Ohba

Takeshi Obata


Hideo Nakata


Other topics:

Death Note

L 本 当 の 秘密 秘密


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Movie Trailer Death Note: L Change the World


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