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Download Black House 2007

Name: Black House

Product: 2007 Korea

Genre: Horror | Riddles Exciting

Release Date: June) – 21 Jun 2007

Score 6.2 in MDL

Duration: Minutes


Hwang Jung min – Yoo Sun

Added with 3 quality.
English subtitle added.


Summary: An insurance officer goes to the scene of a young boy’s suicide to claim life insurance compensation. Paying for his family, he goes to the boy’s room to find the boy hanging from the ceiling and apparently committing suicide but the reality is something else he will find out about and other horrible things …

  • Hwang Jung-min in the role of Jeon Joon-oh
  • Yoo Sun In the role of Shin Yi-hwa
  • Kang Shin-il in the role of Park Choong-bae
  • Kim Seo-hyung in the role of Jang Mi- na
  • Kim Jeong-seok as Chief Nam
  • Yoo Seung-mok in the role of Ma Yong-sik
  • Jung In-gi in the role of police detective Oh
  • Mun Ga-Young in the role of Chul-Yeon

the writer:

Lee Yeong-jong
Ahn Jae-hoon
Kim Seong-ho


Shin Tae-ra

Other Titles:

Geomun Jip

검은 집


Black House Movie Trailer


WEB-DL Original Language Version

Quality 480 p – volume 445 MB

Quality 720 p – volume 1. 05 GB

Quality p – volume 1.


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Download Black House Movie 2007



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