Call of Duty Mobile can separate players with and without command


Prior to its official release for Android and iOS, Call of Duty Mobile had support for external commands. This feature pleased gamers accustomed to playing COD on PC or consoles.

However, Activision has disabled this feature with an update at the launch of the game. According to the company, including support for external commands was a small test where only a certain number of players were affected.

Meanwhile Activision removed this function so as not to cause discrepancies between players. After all, those who play with controls will in principle have an advantage over those who play with touch controls on the mobile phone screen.

“We are considering having separate rooms for players with and without controls. “

Chris Plummer is the vice president of Activision’s mobile division. Plummer says the priority is to keep the balance between players. This is so that the experience is fair for everyone and there are no disadvantages beyond the players’ ability.

Plummer added that there are two perspective people in the game: first person and third person. Since each player has their own preference, Call of Duty Mobile places players without separate rooms according to their perspective preference.

The same is being considered with regard to commands. Players who connect an external controller to their mobile phone will be in one room, players using the touchscreen of the device will be in another. Plummer didn’t mention specific dates however.

Call of Duty Mobile is already a hit

Launched earlier this month, Call of Duty Mobile already counts with over 35 millions of downloads on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The game combines weapons, maps, modes and characters from the Call of Duty fanrchise, including the Black Ops and Modern Warfare series.


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