Apple nears second place worldwide thanks to Huawei controversy


Huawei is the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer since the second quarter of 2018, with Samsung in first and Apple third. However, that could change by the end of the year according to Digitimes and mobile phone industry analysts.

All the friction Huawei has had with Google and other US companies could result in a regression to third place in the world ranking. It all started in August, with the total ban of the United States, prohibiting Huawei from buying technology from companies in the country, including Google and Android.

iPhone 11 could be Apple’s asset to 2019

According to research firm IDC, Apple is at a distance of about 25 millions of Huawei units, this in June 2019. However, the growing popularity of the iPhone 11 may help the apple company bridge this gap.

iPhone sales performance 11 points to considerable sales increase about 2018. So much so that Apple had to increase its production by 10 resulting in an additional 8 million units

Apple is having difficulty responding to demand for new iPhones overall. In the United States, consumers will have to wait longer to have new equipment on hand, compared to last year’s line. The same is happening in Portugal where several retailers cannot answer the demand.

Mate 30 / 30 Pro is still an unknown outside of China

Huawei recently revealed that since its launch, more than 1 million Mate series units have been sold 30. So there is no doubt that domestically, the Mate series 30 is having a great success. However, the performance of mobile phones in international markets is still unknown.

Malaysia and Romania also received the Mate series 30. It remains to be known when the equipment will arrive once and for all in Europe and our Portugal. Only then will it be possible to see whether Huawei has a chance to keep its top spot in the world rankings or not.


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