Apple flooded with complaints about the screen of the iPhone 11 that easily scratches!


New iPhones 11 are on the market and apparently to be more popular than ever. According to past information, Tim Cook has already requested a production increase of 10% due to equipment demand.

However, not all users seem happy with the new iPhones 11. According to some complaints on social networks and the official Apple forum, many complain that their screen is scratching easily without any misuse.

In this video above we can see a of the examples. These are the typical scratches on the smartphone screen when in a pocket with, for example, home keys. Risks that are not deep but end up damaging the aesthetics of the equipment.


These kinds of risks were common on older devices, however, with new smartphones it is not usual due to the protections that are introduced to them in their production.

Apple has not yet commented on possible iPhones issues 11

Not surprisingly, Apple has not yet mentioned these risks. It may have affected only some models. On our side we are testing the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max and none of them look any risks even if not using protective film.

Still, it is worth considering these statements. If you buy a new iPhone 11 also buy a screen film. At least until Apple speaks on the possible problem.


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