Android was the obvious choice for Surface Duo, says Microsoft


Microsoft announced this week its return to mobile phones with the announcement of the folding Surface Neo. At a time when the smartphone is still under development, it has been announced that it will hit the Android market.

According to Panos Panay, Microsoft’s product director, this device would always use Android. Returning to Windows Phone has never been an option, because for smartphones “Android is the obvious choice.”

According to Microsoft CPO, the goal is to give consumers what they want the way they want it. This means that the company would have to put the “right operating system” on the appropriate device.

Microsoft doesn’t want to return to Windows Phone

As Panay stated in an interview with CNet, Microsoft does not intend to go back to the past. This means the company does not have any plans for a new Windows Phone in the near future.


This solution turns out to be the obvious one for several reasons. Microsoft has failed to compete with Google and Apple in the past, and certainly would not want to repeat the darker side of Windows Phone.

Given Google’s support and the steps ahead In this market, it is a wise choice by Microsoft. The company wins, and lovers of it will be able to enjoy a device with an operating system where there will be no application restrictions.


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