And now Huawei? What will happen to branded smartphones without Google services


The time has come when we all yearned. Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro have been officially unveiled and arrive without Google Play Store or any Google services.

While these services may be installed on third party websites, not all users who will have the knowledge or ability to do so. Therefore, we have only to ask what will come next.

Huawei’s upcoming smartphones will not have Google services

One thing is certain, until Huawei gets along with the US government, the next brand equipment may not have Google services. This means apps like the Google Play Store, Google Maps or even Youtube.

So Huawei decided to launch its App Galery which already has millions of apps, yet, none of Google due to this same problem.

Portuguese users will suffer from this

Portugal is one of the countries that will suffer the most without Huawei smartphones. For now there are no release dates for Mate 30 in our market and this is not usual. We usually have smartphones a few weeks after their release.

Portugal is one of the countries that most Huawei smartphones buy. The Chinese company dominates the Portuguese market and this new obstacle may dictate its future.

In other words, as much as the manufacturer wants to advertise its products, we still do not have them in the market. The new Mate are an example of this. Worse yet, the best-selling “Lite” models in Portugal will suffer the same.

What are Huawei’s options

The Asian company has the possibility to launch them without Google services. However, this will be bad advertising for the brand. Either it warns customers seriously of what they are buying and what they have to do to install Google services, or it will be one of the worst decisions of the brand. The problem? Is that Huawei can not teach users to install these services or fails to comply with the US government order and then things get worse.

In short, I see no future for Huawei in the European market without these services, at least for the moment. While users in China do not know what it is like to live with Google services and there are other companies offering similar services, in Portugal and Europe users do not know what it is like to live without.

We’ll have to wait and see. I would like to see Huawei solve this problem. The manufacturer is one of the most struggling to reach the top with devices with a huge quality / price advantage and we need more manufacturers like that.


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