96% of Deepfake Videos Are Pornography, Security Company Reveals


Deeptrace, a virtual security company, reported an alarming fact: 96% of Deepfake Technology’s online videos are pornography. . In addition, all videos contain female actresses and have grossed over 100 millions of views.

Second Danielle Citron of Boston University, Deepfake technology is being massively used against women. A very true statement, considering that Deepfakes started by putting celebrity faces in pictures and videos of pornographic actresses.

Citron adds that creating Deepfakes sex videos is extremely harmful to women. The mere act of taking photographs online can mean that somewhere, someone will collect those photos and put them in inappropriate content, damaging a woman’s reputation, which has both personal and professional consequences.

Deepfakes are spreading and there’s not much we can do.

You have certainly seen or used social networking face filters that transform your face in many ways. A few months ago we talked about FaceApp, an elderly filter application with very impressive results. The app was embroiled in some controversy over data collection.

Although not directly harmful like Deepfakes, the technology used is the same. On a darker side, apps have emerged that can generate ‘nudes’ from photographs of people with clothes on. The original app has been removed but copies can easily be created.

Although we have not yet seen it at a high level, it is more than obvious that Deepfakes pose a problem for our society. Whether it is creating false videos that humiliate people in pornography, or creating false testimonials with their face or even their voice.

We leave you with this video by actor and director Jordan Peele , to imitate Barack Obama, along with a Deepfake from the former president’s face.


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