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WWE 2K20 became totally inaccessible as it entered 2020


The year did not start well for WWE 2K fans – and developers – 20. After the turn of the calendar, the 2K game simply became “unplayable” due to a bug. All modes were inaccessible and any option made the game “crashar”.

The newLEGACYinc YouTube channel shared a video showing all their outrage at WWE 2K's malfunctioning 20. Although the situation was tragic, the players could only believe it was a joke. It is the famous “laugh not to cry”.

Fortunately, everything is already solved. Through Twitter, the game's support released a note ensuring that the problem had been fixed. The fix would be downloaded automatically after restarting the game.

This issue has been resolved. Please make sure to restart your # WWE2K 20 game to automatically download the fix. If you continue experiencing issues, please open a support ticket here: Thank you again for your patience!

– 2K Support (@ 2KSupport) January 1, 2020

Apparently, no user reported the game malfunction after update. If the error has not been resolved, 2K asks you to contact us directly. It seems that the “millennium bug” came a little late to 2K computers.

The WWE 2K Bugs 20

2019 was really a year for WWE developers and fans to forget. WWE 2K 20 hit the market with lots of bugs. Motion animations, gameplay performance and glitches were just a few of the players' complaints. Since then, 2K has been trying to fix the problems.



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