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LG: A folding screen smartphone case? This is a strange concept.


LG's latest patent tells us what could be the evolution of the case she launched for the LG G8X. Instead of offering us an extra screen inside the case, the entire case will be a screen.

Taking a break from the folding smartphone concept, LG has released a case that adds a screen to the smartphone. Rather than creating a single folding screen, South Korea has again relied on the ideology of a secondary screen.

New LG patent can reach a total of three screens

In its latest patent LG designs a cover where the screens will protect your smartphone. It will have a screen that can fold in half, keeping you and your smartphone safe.

LG capa patente

When unfolded you will have access to a large screen, almost as if it were a tablet. Additionally, you will be able to place your smartphone next to it and enjoy an even larger desktop.

With so many screens, it remains to be known what will be the power source for everyone. Will this case have a battery of its own to power your secondary screen or will it be all powered by the smartphone?

To be honest, I find this concept a bit strange. If LG can develop a screen that folds in half, why not use this technology on a smartphone? Do something similar to Galaxy Fold or Moto Razr.

South Korean tech has always had a temptation for secondary screens and it seems she is not ready to give up yet. However, this philosophy has never paid off, unless LG's current position in the market is seen.

As a patent, there is no guarantee that this technology will actually be commercialized. But with the approach of CES 2020, this would be the ideal stage to present such a product.

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