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Google Play Store: 7 Free Casual Weekend Games


It's time to take a look at a brutal list of apps. These are super casual games that will help you relax or pass the time. As always, they are free and have good ratings in the Google Play Store.

Toy Story Drop!

This is more geared towards children or adults who have never grown up. It's basically Candy Crush but with a Toy Story theme. Have fun making combinations while watching the mythical toys encourage you. Or to demotivate you.

Gang Clash

It's a colorful doll strategy game. Gather your gang, pick your color and fight in epic strategy battles. For some reason, these dolls are upset and just want to beat the shit out. Make them want!

Roller Splat!

A puzzle game to relax a bit. Control the ball through the maze filling it with the “debris” left by the ball. The goal is to fill the maze, leaving nothing behind.

Dumb Ways to Die Original

The original, loved by many! Dumb Ways to Die puts you in the role of stupid characters who die for even more stupid reasons. However, if you go fast you can prevent them from dying or watch them “stretch their ham”.

Happy Hockey!

Feel like a real Canadian and play a simple minimalist hockey game. It's just you and the disc where the goal is to take down all the obstacles.

Plants vs. Zombies ™ Heroes

Plants versus Zombies in Heroes! Prepare the plants with masks and super powers to fight the zombies that are also all turbocharged and hungry by your delicious brain.

Idle Property Manager Tycoon

Do you want to own but don't have the courage to do it in real life? So invest time in this game and become a property tycoon. Build buildings, upgrade them and then rent them to make as much money as possible. But please be a good landlord.

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